Meet Our Seek The Peak Trainer - Marieve Legrand

Marieve Legrand is an Occupational Therapist, a Run Ambassador for lululemon athletica and a mother of 2. She has always loved sports, the outdoors and being active. Her love of running started with cross-country at the age of 11. Despite switching to basketball throughout high school and university, she continued to enjoy running considering it a perfect way to maintain endurance. Over the years, running has provided Marieve with a way to escape, clear her head as well as an opportunity to build new friendships and create lasting memories. In particular, she loves trail running the challenging terrain of Vancouver’s North Shore. Having found running so enriching to her life, Marieve loves to share her passion with as many people as she can. Through running she hopes to pass on her own knowledge by coaching and guiding others so that they too can set their goals as high as they want them to be! 

Seek the Peak Training kicks off on Wednesday, April 6

Get ready to rock those race-day hills with the Seek The Peak training program exclusively designed by Marieve Legrand, lululemon Run Ambassador. The program is organized by level, so it works for seasoned trail runners or first-time joggers.
Over the 10-week program, you’ll get up close and personal with the Seek the Peak route, build your endurance and mental toughness, get insider tips and advice from experts in the field, plus have a chance to win prizes and meet new run buddies. The program kicks off on Wednesday, April 6 and includes a trainer-led session on Wednesday evenings (6pm), two additional training runs on your own, and access to special presentations and training tips.
Participation in the training program is by a $50 donation* in support of BC Cancer Foundation and is open to all Seek the Peak participants.
*does not include race registration


Download your printable training schedule by clicking the images below.

** Note - We’ve changed the location for next week (May 25) to Grouse Mountain Base (Plaza by Guest Services/Starbucks).

Solo Runners - Weekend run route suggestions (not included on the print out above)

Week 1 (April 4-10) - Mosquito creek out and back.  Start: Fell Avenue and 16th.
Run uphill on the west side of Mosquito creek to Queens Ave, cross and run up Del Rio to a cul-de-sac, where the trail continues until you reach the bridge under MtRoyal Ave. Turn around and run down the same trail.
Week 2 (April 11-17) - Start: Cleveland Dam.
Up Nancy Greene to Grouse, along Baden Powell trail heading EAST. Before Mosquite creek junction (and bridge), you will get to an old paved road. Head down the road switchbacks to the Skyline trail on your right (under powerlines). Run along Skyline trail back to Grouse parking lot and back down Nancy Greene.
Week 3 (April 18-24) - Short Lynn Loop. Start: End of the Line (EOL) Café (End of Lynn Valley Rd).
Run down paved road to Varley trail (do not cross Pipeline bridge; run upriver so that Lynn creek is on your right handside) to Lynn Headwaters. Cross bridge and turn left to continue to run along Lynn Creek. Approx. 2kms later, turn right on a trail leading to uphill switchbacks. At the top, turn right and follow the trail until it leads downhill to a T-junction. Turn left onto the Connector trail and go all the way along to the gazebo. Head right down the hill, cross pipeline bridge and up the paved road to EOL.
Week 4 (April 25-May 1) Start: Baden Powell (BP) trail junction at the corner of Hyannis Drive and Berkley Ave.
Head north onto BP to Bridle Path trail (junction is at a large rocky outcrop). Keep right and head EAST onto Bridle Path all the way to the end T-junction at Old Buck. Turn around and retrace your steps.
Week 5 (May 2-8) - Start: Lynn Headwaters parking lot.
Head back along the paved road approx. 200m to the BP trail on your right handside (long uphill set of stairs). Head up the BP to Mtn Highway (gravel road). Turn right on Mtn Hwy and head uphill for approximately 5km. Just before the 5th switchback, turn left on St Georges trail and head downhill to the BP trail. Turn left onto BP and head back to Mtn Hwy, cross Mtn Hwy and continue downhill along the BP back to the stairs and parking lot.
Week 6 (May 9-15) -  Start: End of the Line Café.
Go down the paved road to the Varley Trail (do not cross Pipeline bridge) to Lynn Headwaters. Cross bridge and turn right onto Connector trail. Turn left onto Rice Lake trail and go around the lake. Return onto Connector trail and head left towards the gazebo. At the gazebo, towards the left, head onto the gravel trail that leads to the parking lot. Stay on the trail and head downhill for approx. 2km to the site of the old Twin Bridges (now removed). Turn left at the bottom and follow Fishermans’ trail along the Seymour river. Turn left onto Homestead and head uphill. At the top, turn right and retrace your steps towards the gazebo. Once back at the gazebo, head downhill on the gravel trail to Pipeline bridge, cross bridge and go up the paved hill back to EOL.
Week 7 (May 16-22) Deep Cove to Top of Seymour Grind along the Baden Powell (BP) Trail.  Start: Deep Cove (Panorama Park).
Just beyond Panorama Park, on the left handside of the road, there is a trailhead marker for the BP trail. Head uphill on the BP, (pass Quarry Rock on your right) and continue uphill until you get to Indian River Rd. Cross the road, continue uphill along BP to Mt Seymour Rd. You will then pass the top junction of Old Buck on your left, continue along the BP until you reach the top of the “Seymour Grind” (you will see a BP sign heading downhill, approx. 6km into your run). Turn around at this point and retrace your steps back to Deep Cove.
Week 8 (May 23-29) Long Lynn Loop + Rice Lake. Start: End of the Line Café.
Go down paved road to Varley trailhead (do not cross Pipeline bridge), to Lynn Headwaters. Cross bridge and turn left onto Lynn Loop trail. Follow Lynn Creek to the Third Debris Chute. You will then follow a path of loose rocks on your right up a slight hill to a T-junction (left turn would then lead you to Norvan Falls). Turn right and follow the Lynn Loop trail all the way (eventually downhill) to the Rice Lake Connector trail. Turn left onto the Connector and head over to Rice Lake (trail on your left). Go around the lake and exit left again onto the Connector to the gazebo. Head down the gravel path on your right to Pipeline bridge, cross bridge and up the hill to EOL.
Week 9 (May 30-June 5) - Start: Old Buck trailhead (On Anne MacDonald Way, off Mt Seymour Rd).
Go up Old Buck trail to BP junction. Turn left on BP and go up to the top of the Seymour Grind (BP sign on your left handside heading downhill). Follow the BP down to the junction of Bridle Path. Turn left and head EAST along Bridle Path. Turn right onto Empress and follow the downhill switchbacks back to parking lot.